World Class Sailors



Jen French US Paralympic Sailing Team

2012 Sivler Meadalist and Dunedin Cup Regatta 2012 key note speaker

It is important for all of us who have enjoyed the sport of sailing to help young people spend time on the water. The lessons learned under sail are invaluable in all endeavors in life. Sailing is a sport that connects the generations in a way that is unique. On behalf of sailors across the country, I salute the Dunedin Youth Sailing Program on this important initiative.”
Gary Jobson, President–US SAILING

“On being asked if there were but one thing he could give a son, what would it be? General of the Army Douglas McArthur replied,‘It would be self-confidence.’ Imagine then – what gifts mankind might receive from the fulfilled hopes and dreams of one, just one, youthful spirit to whom we have offered our encouragement, guidance, and hope in support of developing and nourishing their self-confidence.”

Charley Morgan, President-Morgan Yachts

“I have a strong affection for everyone at DYSA who has supported me since my early years.  Winning an Olympic Silver Medal in 2008 and qualifying for the 2012 US Olympic Team is a group effort and it all started many years ago when I first set sail in an Opti.”Zach Railey, 2012 US Olympic Team

“ I started my sailing career in a youth sailing program only 3 miles from Dunedin. Had I not been fortunate enough to have a program similar to that of the Dunedin Youth Sailing Association, my Olympic dream would not have come true.”Paige Railey, 2012 US Olympic Team